MEDHAYU is an application developed in Atavistic Pvt Ltd, which is stepping into the field of Sanskrit studies with an aim of developing resourceful applications for the domain of Sanskrit. There are innumerous institutions dedicated to Sanskrit academia. However, they are into teaching, research and publications and are not involved in building technologies for Sanskrit world. The MEDHAYU fulfills the need, as it is a tech savvy organization in nature. Some of the reputed institutions such as University of Hyderabad and others are already into developing technologies in the same field. But their objectives and outcomes are completely different than of MEDHAYU. The objectives of MEDHAYU also includes creating an innovative, creative and attractive multimedia sphere for the Sanskrit studies aiming to reach academicians and academia from schools to universities as well as students and researchers. Electronic readers and user-friendly technological applications to access the Sanskrit lore a re the primary outcomes of MEDHAYU.

MEDHAYU manoeuvres primarily through the field of Ayurveda for two main reasons;
a) The demand and the popularity
b) The scarceness of technology support
MEDHAYU applications provide transliteration (multiscriptual) and translation (multilingual) support to Ayurveda texts. Over a period of time, it would venture into other fields such as Yoga, Philosophy, etc. A good support of subject and technical experts would take this project to great height by their guidance and endeavours with regular updates and upgrades. The organization named after MEDHAYU genesis as it was blessed thus by my revered Guruji - His Holiness Sri Vishveshatirtha Svamiji of Sri Pejavara Adhokshaja Matha, Udupi. About MEDHAYU Genesis MEDHAYU helps you to interact with Ayurveda practitioners and amateurs as well and creates a room for discussion for the great benefit of Ayurvedic studies. Our vision is not only to take you to the corners of Ayurvedic study; but also to keep you connected with Ayurveda professionals and academicians across the globe. Ayurveda Sanskrit is different from general Sanskrit. Words may be ambiguous; hence, without the knowledge of subject and context none could understand their meanings. MEDHAYU application provides the appropriate and accurate meanings of the words with the help of advanced grammatical and lexicon tools. The meanings are provided in different languages and scripts along with audio support to understand and pronounce according to the traditional practices..