||गुरुमुखेन याविद्या साविद्या याविमुक्तये ||

Education is complete only when one learns from teacher. That education can take one to discharge fromNescience

आचार्यात्पादमाधत्तेपादं शिश्यःस्वमेधया ।

पादंसब्रह्मचारिभ्यःपादं कालक्रमेणच ॥

Education is 100% in 4 ways as per our atavists.

  1. 25% from teacher
  2. 25% from self learning techniques
  3. 25% from studying with classmates and friends
  4. 25% is only possible by the time.

Our vision is to support Sanskrit studies in 2 different ways. 

  1. Supporting traditional teacher techniques 
  2. Supporting teacher to reach your pulse
  3. Supporting self learning methods by providing best technology based content support and many other problem hacking tools
  4. Making a perceptible path to reach students and teachers across the globe
  5. When one come back by traversing his experiences, by the time we are still supporting knowledge by expanding our intellectual properties in-terms of technology